The Best Blonde Beard Styles in Australia


The blonde beard is a trend that has been growing in popularity for some time now. Originally, it was considered a quirky style choice, but it has become more mainstream and accepted. Many men are looking for ways to add some personality to their look without going too far outside the box. If you're interested in having this cool new style but not quite sure where to start or what tools would best suit your needs, then keep reading!

Golden Goatee

The Golden Goatee is a simple and classic style that can be achieved by anyone. All you need to do is grow out your beard until it’s at least 3 inches long, then trim its sides so they are parallel with your jawline.

Then, use scissors or an electric trimmer to trim the beard on the sides of your face until it reaches a length of 2 inches from the bottom of the chin. You should shave off any extra hair along the cheeks, leaving only some stubble there.

Once you have completed this process, continue trimming around your mouth by shaving off any stray hairs in an upward direction toward your temples as well as trimming down around the corner of each lip so that they meet at an angle when looking straight ahead (they will appear straight if viewed from below).

The next thing you want to do is shape up both ends of your goatee by shaving them into points with either scissors or an electric trimmer (as shown above).

After finishing all these steps and making sure everything looks even throughout all parts of this design, apply some essential oils such as jojoba oil or coconut oil directly onto cotton balls and rub them into each area where there may still be some dryness caused by shaving off too much skin during grooming sessions earlier on—this will help hydrate those areas again quickly so they don’t become irritated after being exposed repeatedly over time!

Subtle and Soft

The best blonde beard styles include a subtle and soft look. The key is to avoid aggressive streaks that can look harsh or artificial. Subtlety is the way to go here, and you'll want to make sure your hair is trimmed neatly and evenly around the edges so that it blends seamlessly with your skin tone. If you're going for this look, consider growing out a full beard with a well-groomed goatee or mustache. This will give you more options when it comes time to style your facial hair later on down the road; whether you want something short or long-term depends on how much time you want to spend in front of the mirror each morning!

The Blonde Beard with Stubble

The Blonde Beard with Stubble

The best blonde beard style for men who want to look groomed but not too serious. The most important thing to remember when growing a blonde beard is to grow it out long enough so that you can comb it back, creating that stubble look. The stubble beard is a classic look, and it will make your face appear sharper if you choose the right color for your skin tone. If you’re going for this kind of beard, invest in some high quality razors so that you can shave the sides of your face regularly without irritating them or irritating their owner (you).

The Balbo Beard

If you have a square jawline and a strong jaw, the Balbo beard is perfect for you. It's a full beard that is long and thick on the sides of your face, but short on your chin. The Balbo is named after Italo Balbo, an Italian aviator and politician who wore this style in his youth.

The best part about having a Balbo beard? It's super easy to maintain. You can keep it neat by using scissors or clippers every couple of days, or simply let it grow out as long as possible—it'll still look good!

This style also makes your face look wider than it really is because of how dense the hair growth is along each side of your face, making for an overall fuller appearance than other styles might give off.

Thick Light Beard

The thick light beard is one of the most popular blonde beard styles. If you are growing out your beard, this is an excellent option. This style will give you a rugged and masculine look that can be easily achieved with minimal maintenance. It's also easy to adapt this style into other looks if you want to change up the color or length of your facial hair.

The best part about this particular blonde beard style is its versatility—it works well with every face shape and skin tone! The trick here is not over-styling it—the less attention paid towards making sure every hair is perfectly in place, the better (this technique will make it appear as though each individual hair was naturally grown).

You can get the blonde look you want easily and quickly, without damaging your hair.

You can get the blonde look you want easily and quickly, without damaging your hair.

To dye your beard, simply follow these simple steps:

  • Make sure you have all the necessary tools at hand. These include gloves and plastic wrap to protect your skin and clothing, two hair clips (or any other small item that will hold up a section of hair), a plastic bowl or container with warm water in it, shampoo or conditioner (optional), an applicator brush (also optional), a bag or container suitable for storing leftover dye once you’re done dying.

  • Wash your face thoroughly with warm water until all traces of oil are removed; this will help prevent staining when applying the dye. Gently scrubbing between fingers works well too if you prefer this method instead of washing off with water alone first before moving onto step 2 below which is soaking strands directly into solution rather than applying from bottle directly onto skin like most men would do because they don’t know better yet – trust me on this one! In addition - make sure any dirt has been removed as well since this could cause discoloration during application time later on down road end up looking burnt orange instead bright yellowish-gold color which doesn't look good at all so please keep that mind too before proceeding further :)


We hope you enjoyed our rundown of the best blonde beard styles in Australia. 

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