6 Beard Growing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Growing a beard is not easy for most of us. Many men struggle to obtain the length they are after, and most others simply can’t get their facial hair looking the way they want it to. We all know someone who has given up entirely and admitted defeat when it comes to growing their beard. 

how to grow the beard

The reality is that you CAN grow a beard. If you go about it the right way, of course. While everyone’s beard is different, many basic tenets stay the same, no matter your age or genetics. We have put together a list of the top seven beard-growing mistakes men make and how to avoid them. 

Mistake #1: Letting your beard go wild

Some people may suggest that the best way to grow a master beard is to let it grow for months without touching it in any way. While this may work for some, you need to make sure you both enjoy the journey and give your hair the right direction to grow. Letting your beard go wild without any maintenance along the way is probably one of the biggest mistakes we see. 

“Use a single clipper length all over to keep your beard uniform and looking even.”

Even when you’re just beginning to grow a beard, it’s important to trim it. Different areas of your facial hair grow at different speeds, meaning that after a few weeks, most beards will look out of balance. Trim the long parts while you let the slower-growing areas catch up. Use a single clipper length all over to keep your beard uniform and looking even. Another tool you can use to maintain your beard as it grows is a beard straightener. Use it for a few minutes daily to efficiently give your hair direction and tamed style.

Mistake #2: Not giving it enough grow-time

On the opposite end of letting your beard go wild is not allowing it to grow enough at all. For most men, the beard grows at a rate of about one centimetre a month. This varies for person to person, and different areas will surely grow faster than others - giving a patchy look in the initial stages. It’s important to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day - good things take time!

If you are young, keep in mind that your beard will continue to improve well into your thirties and that letting your beard grow out in length for an extended period will improve the full appearance, almost always. Take it slow and enjoy the journey. When starting, try growing your beard out for at least two months without any (significant) changes to develop the length you need to show off your best beard.

Mistake #3: Washing your beard incorrectly

All our hair needs to be taken care of in some way. When it comes to washing, each type of hair is different. While you should be washing your face on the daily with a cleanser, your beard should not be washed so frequently. Like the head on our hair, our beards have a necessary amount of essential oils that they require to maintain their best health. If you overwash your beard, you risk stripping it of its important oils - it will become excessively dry. Instead, aim for around two times per week. Obviously, this depends on your situation, if you’re always outside and sweating, the people around you may appreciate a more frequent wash!

Mistake #4: Getting the neckline wrong

There’s no one correct way to cut and shape your neckline. Everyone has different head shapes, jaw contours and preferences. However, there are some ‘wrong’ ways. Your beard should never reach (or go anywhere near) the bottom of your neck. On the other side, a beard should never rise above the jawline when smiling. Work on what shape and length suits you best, although as a general rule, shave at least any hair below the Adam’s Apple on a regular basis to prevent the universally unwanted ‘neckbeard’ look.

Mistake #5: Not straightening your beard

While oils and creams may help improve the health of your hair, they’re not that helpful for styling your beard. Trimming can help develop the right length and shape, but it does little to maintain a tamed appearance throughout the day. Fortunately, there is another solution - beard straighteners. A beard straightener is a heated brush designed to give your facial hair a clean-cut, neat and groomed effect. 

“The uniquely designed heating plate is used to warm the hair as you brush.”

Instead of brushing your hair with a regular styling comb or brush, straighteners harness the power of heat. The best beard straighteners are 2 in 1, harnessing a high-quality beard brush backed by a heating plate (that does all the magic). The uniquely designed heating plate is used to intensely warm the hair as you brush - having an instant (and lasting) straightening effect. Simply plug it in, give it a moment to get spicy, and you’re good to go! 

Mistake #6: Negatively comparing your beard to others

No two beards are alike. Even for twins. Every person is unique and has their own style, preferences, routines and genetics. What is right for you might not be the best for someone else. Grow a beard that you are proud of. Even if you can’t get the length or the thickness of your peers, you might be able to rock a shorter style better than they can. The secret is finding what works for you, not continually applying and comparing what works for others to yourself.

We hope this article helped you understand what it takes to grow the beard you want. Avoid these six critical mistakes, and you will be well on your way to your dream beard. Beard Guru supplies a range of products to support your beard growing journey, including Australia’s favourite beard straightener. Purchase your beard’s new best friend today and start living the bearded life you deserve. Don’t like any of our products for any reason? Send it back for a full refund, and we’ll even pay for the return. Back your best look with Beard Guru.