About US

We believe every man deserves to rock a beard they are proud of.

Beard Guru Australia

Millions of men around Australia struggle to achieve the beard of their dreams. While we can’t guarantee perfection, we are obsessed with providing the tools men need to grow their best beard. Whether it’s purely aesthetic, self-confidence boosting, or the soothing ritual of caring for something you’ve worked hard for, we’re all about facial hair.

We’re an Aussie company through and through, shipping all your beard supplies straight from Sydney. We achieve the best experience for the thousands of happy customers that have come through our (virtual) doors by promising:

  • A curated range of the highest-quality and most effective beard care products.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee - shop with supreme confidence.
  • 24-48 hours dispatch, so you get your order super fast.
  • Twelve months warranty to ensure peace of mind with every purchase.

Beard Guru weaves three core principles into everything we do:

Unmatched Effectiveness

Everything we sell must work for the customer. If it doesn’t, we want you to take your money back. Every product is carefully designed and sourced to benefit your beard and hair growth and maintenance routine.

Uncompromisable Quality

Products should exceed your expectations and last long enough for you to enjoy them without compromise. Every beard-boosting product we sell is fit for purpose, crafted and sourced with the utmost refinement and excellence in mind. 

Undeniable Confidence

Just like the feeling of rocking the beard of your dreams, we want you to have an unwavering determination that we’ve got your (bearded) back. You get the best products, the best service and the best value for money. 

Beard Guru supplies a range of products to support your beard growing journey, including Australia’s favourite beard straightener. Purchase your beard’s new best friend today and start living the bearded life you deserve. Don’t like any of our products for any reason? Send it back for a full refund, and we’ll even pay for the return. Back your best look with Beard Guru.