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Beard Straightners

Beard Straightener

Growing a beard can be an exciting journey. However, the process often comes with its fair share of challenges. Many of us men struggle to grow the beard of our dreams. Even when we do finally commit the patience to let our beards reach glorious new lengths, it’s scruffy, burly and let’s be honest - entirely out of control.

Believe it or not, almost no man grows a perfect beard naturally. Facial hair is usually coarse, curly and inevitably develops into a different shape than what we’d like in an ideal world. Taming your unkempt beard is a process. Many Australian men have already turned to exotic beard oils, fancy creams and salon-grade trimmers to maintain their facial hair - the beard care market is positively booming! 

While oils and creams may help improve the health of your hair, they’re not that helpful for styling your beard. Trimming can help develop the right length and shape, but it does little to maintain a tamed appearance throughout the day. Fortunately, there is another solution - beard straighteners.

Yes, that’s right, like the ones for your head hair.

But it’s for your beard. And oh so manly. 

What is a Beard Straightener?

A beard straightener is a heated brush designed to give your facial hair a clean-cut, neat and groomed effect. Instead of brushing your hair with a regular styling comb or brush, straighteners harness the power of heat. The best beard straighteners are 2 in 1, harnessing a high-quality beard brush backed by a heating plate (that does all the magic). The uniquely designed heating plate is used to intensely warm the hair as you brush - having an instant (and lasting) straightening effect. Simply plug it in, give it a moment to get spicy, and you’re good to go! 

You can even adjust the temperature to get the perfect look for your unique beard. Turn the heat up for the ideal velvety look, or keep it down low if you’re feeling a little frisky. With built-in overheating protection, the temperature level is set never to risk damaging your valuable beard, when used correctly. Beard straighteners are the ultimate solution for daily beard maintenance, detangling messy facial hair and styling your healthy, luscious, sleek and frizz-free masterpiece to a salon-standard. Men around Australia are using beard straighteners with confidence to save a bunch of time every morning and get the glorious facial hair they really want.

Types of Beard Straighteners

When researching which beard straightening product is best for you, there are two main variants you will come across:

  • Hair drying brushes are designed to emulate a diffused hairdryer, blowing hot hair through their bristles to encourage your facial hair to stay flat and straight.
  • Heated thermal brushes use an internal hot plate that warms up the bristles and teeth of the brush. Heated beard straighteners offer a much better result, as the entire active area of the device is used to groom your beard.

When it comes to heated brushes, ceramic or porcelain heated plates are superior. These materials heat evenly, ensuring that styling is consistent and your beard looks its best, every time. Better yet, some straighteners even come with ceramic or porcelain brush teeth. As the gold-standard of beard care, ceramic teeth are also able to conduct heat to deliver grooming goodness even deeper into your glorious mane.

Tips for Using a Beard Straightener

Using a beard straightener is super-simple once you get the hang of it. However, most of us men have never used a device like one before, so it pays to take some advice from the pros. As the first step, start by washing your bears and ensuring it’s completely dry. For this reason, most men straighten their beard in the morning after their shower. It’s essential to dry your beard so the heat can have the most impact.

After making sure your device is plugged in, turned on and at the optimal temperature, ‘stroke’ your beard with the brush from top to bottom. Make sure to evenly address each area of your face and go right near the roots. Most heated brushes have an anti-scald feature to ensure you never burn yourself when used correctly.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, experiment with different temperatures. Everyone’s facial hair is different - so you’ll need to adjust the heat and find which settings deliver the best result for you and your beard. You should also use your brush alongside other beard care products. Wash your beard, trim your beard, straighten your beard and then apply nourishing oils to your beard. It’s definitely a process, but it’s oh so worth it!

Essential Features for a Beard Straightener

A quality, salon-grade beard straightening brush should have a range of features to deliver a professional result on a daily basis:

  • Overheating Protection: When caring for your beard, the last thing you want is damaged hair. Your beard straightener should prevent overheating by limiting the maximum temperature and ensuring protection from extended use.
  • Large Heating Plate: The heating plate delivers the magic. It should be powerful and large enough (60 mm x 15 mm) to evenly heat your beard at the correct temperature. 
  • Adjustable & Fast Heating: Busy men don’t have time to wait! Your brush should heat up fast to the set adjustable temperature so you can spend more time styling your luscious mane!
  • Swivel Safety Cord: Cords are annoying when they get in the way or cause problems. Heated beard brushes with a 360° swivel cord are much easier to use. Safety cords protect you and your device from water damage and breakage. 

Taking your beard to another level is an essential step in every man’s journey towards their best self. Beard Guru provides the professional-grade tools to get you there. Be the envy of your mates and catch the eye of women with the most well-kept beard they have ever seen. 

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