Five Beard Tips to Beat the Heat

The weather’s roaring and you’re sweating. Too many outer layers make you uncomfortable, so it makes sense to dress light. The same logic is often applied to our body hair - including our beards. Too often do we see poorly informed people trim their beautiful beard before it reaches its prime due to this very idea. 

Beard Tips

Fortunately, it’s just not true! Humans do not actually grow enough hair for heat to impact our body temperature. In fact, studies have shown that skin needs to be sheltered by a minimum of 1,000 hairs per square centimetre in order for the hair to efficiently lower heat loss. Since the human head only has up to 300 hairs per square centimetre, it does almost nothing to impact our temperature. So if your beard isn’t actually affecting your body heat, how do you go about staying cool while rocking an equally cool beard? Here are our five best tips to beat the heat while sporting a mane of envy.

Heat Tip #1: Maintain your beard’s hygiene 

Whether it’s hot or cold - keep your beard clean! It doesn’t matter what you do, you will sweat profusely, especially in the hotter months. While there’s nothing wrong with sweating, the build-up of sweat around and under your beard is not ideal. Sweat combined with old skin cells (that naturally shed) is a hygiene recipe for disaster. 

Usually, this presents itself as dryness and irritation that is not only annoying but damaging to your skin and beard hair. Ignoring adequate beard care will likely result in your scratching your skin, which leads to the inevitable cycle of itchiness. Of course, all this will damage your beard, your skin, and your level of comfort throughout the hot summer days. Trim your beard as appropriate and wash it daily, at least thoroughly with warm water!

Heat Tip #2: Hydrate your luscious locks 

When it’s hot, you drink water. When it’s warm, your beard needs sustenance too. Drinking enough water is essential for your overall health, including the quality of your hair growth and skin. Water enables your body to carry nutrients and oxygen to your cells, flushes bacteria from your bladder, aids digestion, regulates your body temperature, and maintains your electrolyte (sodium) balance. Aim for at least two litres every single day and don’t skip the salt, your body does need a minimum amount, particularly if you are extremely active. In addition to drinking water, consider including water-based foods in your diet. Cucumbers, tomatoes, kiwi fruit and apples are excellent sources of beard nourishing water, vitamins and minerals.

Heat Tip #3: Keep up your facial hair’s moisture

Just like machinery, it’s imperative to keep your beard well-oiled. Sunlight dries out skin and our hair, including our beards. It’s not an issue in the wintertime, but when the sun is in full swing, you need to think long and hard about how you’re sustaining your beard’s health. Beard oil accomplishes this by keeping your beard conditioned and shiny. In addition, beard oil helps to soften, hydrate, and condition your beard while minimising or eliminating dandruff.

Heat Tip #4: Choose the right style

Not every beard is the same, and not everyone deals with heat the same way. While it’s true that hair doesn’t actually impact your body temperature, some may be able to maintain their beard during the summer better than others. If it’s too much, consider trimming it back to a style that keeps the same shape and look, but without the unmanageable length. If there’s any time to try a shorter style, it’s summer. Who knows? You might find a new look that you absolutely love all year round.

Heat Tip #5: Keep it styled throughout the growing process

Heat, sweat and wear and tear can mess with your beard. If it’s long enough, it may get tangled and messy before you have a chance to get on top of it. Use a beard brush to keep it straight and clean, consistently cleaning out any debris that may have found its way into your facial hair.

If you have a longer beard, consider using a quality beard straightener. Beard straighteners smooth out your hair and prevent frizzes and curls. You can direct the hair in the direction you want it to go and to avoid itching. A beard straightener is the secret weapon of the modern man. When you grow your beard out, it will often grow messily and without direction. A beard straightener is a heated brush designed to give your facial hair a clean-cut, neat and groomed effect. 

This unguided growth will often do nothing to disguise your weak areas or the patchy growth you may be experiencing. Use a beard straightener to guide hair the way you want it - covering up weak spots and enhancing your style. The uniquely designed heating plate is used to intensely warm the hair as you brush - having an instant (and lasting) straightening effect. Simply plug it in, give it a moment to get spicy, and you’re good to go!

We hope this article helped you understand how to best deal with the heat while maintaining your beard’s power. Beard Guru supplies a range of products to support your beard growing journey, including Australia’s favourite beard straightener. Purchase your beard’s new best friend today and start living the bearded life you deserve. Don’t like any of our products for any reason? Send it back for a full refund, and we’ll even pay for the return. Back your best look with Beard Guru.