The Most Flattering Moustache Styles in Australia


If you're looking to spice up your style, then a moustache might be just what you need. But if you're new to the game, it can be difficult to know where to start. Which moustache is right for you? What style goes with your face shape? Which one will make people stop and stare in awe at its awesomeness? Well my friend, I'm here to help! In the following sections we'll go over some of the most flattering moustache styles for Australian men.

Anchor Moustache

The most popular moustache style in Australia is the Anchor Moustache. This moustache style is perfect for men who have an oval or round face shape, or a strong jawline. It is also popular with men who have a square or rectangular face shape, but it can be slightly more difficult to pull off because of its length, so keep that in mind if you fall into this category!

Anchor moustaches go great with almost any hair type and hair colour, but they look especially good on fair-skinned men who have darker hair colours like browns and blacks. Make sure you avoid adding highlights to your hair if you want your facial hair to stand out!

Balbo Moustache Style

The Balbo moustache is a large, thick moustache with upturned ends. It’s also known as the Roman or Italian moustache because of its popularity in Rome in the early 20th century.

This is one of the most popular styles for men today and it can be worn in many different ways. The style is named after Italo Balbo, an Italian aviator and air marshal who had this type of facial hair during his lifetime (1908-1940).

The Balbo Moustache Style

The balbo has been around since ancient times but it wasn’t until World War I when it became popularized by General Italo Balbo who was at that time an Italian military commander. He wore this style during his time as a pilot as well as when he was leading troops into battle during WWII! If you want to incorporate some military elements into your look then this might be perfect for you!

Chevron Moustache

The Chevron Moustache is a popular and flattering moustache style. It is also known as the Triangle Moustache or Chevron. This style has long been used by men who have strong faces to give them some balance, but it can be worn by anyone who wants to try something different and flattering.

The Chevron Moustache will look great on round faces, because it helps lengthen the face shape and gives more definition to your profile.

English Moustache Style

The English moustache style is a thin moustache that covers the mouth. It is usually grown long, and can be styled in various ways. The English moustache is most commonly worn by men with beards and mustaches (aka “full beard”). However, it can also be worn on its own if you prefer to go clean-shaven or have a short beard.

The English style has been around since the mid-19th century when it was popularized by British military officers stationed abroad during the Crimean War who wanted to differentiate themselves from their French counterparts. This particular style was dubbed "toothbrush" because of its resemblance to a toothbrush held upside down!

Fu Manchu Moustache Style

The Fu Manchu moustache is a style of facial hair named after the fictional character Fu Manchu, created by British author Sax Rohmer. The Fu Manchu moustache is a long, narrow strip of hair extending from the corners of the mouth to under the lower lip.

The mustache was first popularized when it was used as an indicator that someone was Chinese or Japanese in films and cartoons. Today it is most commonly associated with villains and antagonists in fiction, as well as being worn by characters in film and television who wish to look menacing or eccentric.

Horseshoe Moustache Style

The horseshoe moustache has a very similar look to other styles such as the Fu Manchu, English, Anchor and Chevron. The main difference being that it’s not as full or bushy as any of these other styles.

The shape of this style is also a little different to most other types of facial hair, with a thin mustache and beard on either side of the mouth, but it does grow outwards towards your cheeks. This gives you more versatility when choosing how long you want your facial hair to be – some men might prefer having more hair on their face, while others may prefer something more minimalistic like this one here!

Pencil Moustache

The pencil moustache is a thin, narrow moustache that is short and straight. It's the most common type of moustache and is named for its resemblance to a pencil.

The pencil moustache has been around for hundreds of years, although it was especially popular during World War I. Men wore these styles as a symbol of their patriotism during wartime, as well as an homage to their fathers who had fought in previous wars. In fact, many people consider this style to be masculine because it resembles the kind worn by soldiers on both sides of the war who wanted to honor those who had died in battle while they were still alive."

Toothbrush Moustache Style

  • The Toothbrush Moustache Style is a small, narrow moustache with pointed ends. It’s a good style for men with round faces as it adds definition to their features and makes them look more balanced.
  • The Toothbrush Moustache Style is also suitable for men who have square faces as it can soften the appearance of their jawline.
  • This moustache style is also perfect for men with triangle or long faces because it helps balance out their facial features by making them appear shorter than they are and widening their eyes.

Best Flattering moustache styles

  • Anchor Moustache: The anchor is one of the most popular moustache styles because it doesn't have to be too bushy, but it can still be flamboyant. It's perfect for medium-sized faces and should be kept neat to avoid looking like a pirate.
  • Balbo Moustache Style: The Balbo or Torpedo is a great choice if you want to create an angular shape around your mouth without having too much hair on your upper lip. This look will make you look older and more mature but still stylish.
  • Chevron Moustache Style: If you have an oval face shape, this style will work best for you because it will balance out all of the angles in your face and highlight the lower part of your chin instead of taking attention away from your eyes like other styles might do!


So, what are you waiting for? Step out in style with these moustache styles and don’t forget to groom it regularly!