The best gin distilleries in Australia


Down under, we have a gin-soaked history. In fact, Australia is famous for its gin-soaked history. Aussie gins have long been known for their complexity and ability to balance fruity and herbal notes. These days, the country is home to some of the best small batch distillers in the world—and we're not just talking about your average boutique Australian company like Fentiman's or Sipsmiths here: We're talking about small outfits such as Archie Rose Distillery (NSW), Husk Distilleries Ltd (Qld), Four Pillars Distilling Co (Vic), Poor Toms Gin Co (NSW), Applewood Distillery (SA) and more!

Archie Rose, NSW

Archie Rose Distilling Company is the first gin distillery in Australia. It was established in 2009 by entrepreneur and former musician, Archie Rose (no relation).

The distillery has been named after him because of his love for jazz music as well as his passion for making gins.

Husk Distillers, Queensland

Husk Distillers is a family-owned distillery on the Sunshine Coast. They make gin, vodka and rum in their facility, which was initially built to produce apple liqueur. Their current focus is on creating one of Australia's most award-winning gins: Husk No. 1 Gin.

Husk Distillers won several awards for their gin throughout 2018 - including an Australian Private Whisky Company of the Year Award at Spirits Australia's national spirits competition—and it seems like this will be their year too!

Four Pillars, Victoria

Four Pillars is a distillery in Kyneton, Victoria that was founded in 2014 by Matt Jones and Dave Letchford. They use local ingredients like botanicals from their own garden to craft their spirits.

The distillery has won awards including Australian Distillers Guild Awards for Best Gin and Best Vodka, as well as being named one of Australia's top 50 destinations by Lonely Planet (2018).

Poor Toms, New South Wales

Poor Toms is the only distillery in Australia that is 100% organic and uses local botanicals and produce. Founded by two friends who wanted to make a difference, Poor Toms has won many awards for its gin.

If you love gin but don’t want anything too sweet or floral, then this is your go-to distillery!

Applewood Distillery, South Australia

Applewood Distillery is based in Adelaide, South Australia. Founded by David and Sarah Rea in 1998, it makes gin, vodka and whiskey as well as rum. They use local ingredients to produce their spirits including citrus fruits from Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula; ginger from Tasmania; juniper berries from New South Wales; coriander seeds from Queensland (and more).

The West Winds Gin (The Cutlass), WA

The West Winds Gin (The Cutlass), WA

This is a premium gin that was launched in 2016, and it's named after the cutlass fish. It's made with local ingredients and has a strong juniper flavour. You can find it at The Cutlass in Perth, Western Australia

Ounce Gin, Tasmania

Ounces Gin is a small, family-owned distillery located in the Huon Valley. It's the only Australian gin distillery to use locally grown botanicals, including apples and berries from the region. Their goal is to create a premium product that reflects Tasmania's unique terroir.

The gin is distilled in copper pot stills using local apples, berries, citrus fruits and herbs (like rosemary).

Kangaroo Island Spirits, SA

Kangaroo Island Spirits is a gin distillery based in the South Australian town of Coffin Bay. They use local ingredients, including kangaroo and other native plants, to produce their gins. Their stills are over 100 years old and were originally used by Scottish Distillers before it was purchased by their current owner who then moved them to Kangaroo Island.

Their range includes navy strength gin as well as an olive oil version that has been infused with herbs from their garden; this will be released soon so keep an eye out for it!

Manly Spirits Co, NSW

Manly Spirits Co is located in the Sydney suburb of Manly and has been distilling since 2004. It's a small-batch operation with just two people on staff, but they produce some incredibly tasty gin. The distillery uses Australian botanicals such as citrus peel, juniper berries and coriander seeds to create their signature flavours.

Their flagship product is their Gin, which is made from 100% Australian-grown grain that's distilled five times over with an added dash of wheat spirit for extra body and complexity (making it an excellent mixer). You can get this at liquor stores or online for around $25 AUD per bottle!

If you're looking for something different than what everyone else has tried before then I would definitely recommend trying this out - especially if you're into martinis or tonic water!

Brookies Byron Dry Gin, NSW

Brookies Byron Dry Gin is made from the best ingredients, in small batches. It's made in Byron Bay, NSW by Brookie's Distillery and it's a fantastic addition to any gin collection.

This dry gin has been distilled using only Australian botanicals—including oranges and coriander—and then aged for six months before being bottled with a natural cork stopper designed by artist John Byman. The result is an herbal-floral aroma that will have you craving more (and wanting to sip on it all day long).

Check out these small batch gins made all around the country.

If you’re looking for a gift that will be sure to make someone happy, look no further than one of these small batch gins. These are made by small distilleries in all sorts of different places, and every one is unique. Some have been around for decades, while others have only been around for a few years; some are family-owned operations, while others are run by larger corporations; each has its own story to tell about how they got started making spirits—and hopefully I can share some fun facts with you!

If you want something fresh but still special this holiday season (or any other time) then consider picking up an alcoholic beverage made by these talented makers:

  • Gin from Beatson Estate Distillery in Tasmania—this gin was created by Dr. Greg Beatson himself after he left his job at Mount View Hotel (where he was head bartender). The result? A traditional style of gin infused with locally sourced Tasmanian apples and honeyed cherries—it finishes smooth yet crisp on the palate thanks to none other than our good friend Mr. William Grant who used some very rare barrels from Scotland when creating this signature spirit! Get yours today at Cellar Masters Wine & Spirits Auckland City ($30), Wine With Food Melbourne ($40), or Liquorland Sydney CBD ($38).


We hope you enjoyed our list of the best gin distilleries in Australia. If you’ve made it this far and want to learn more about making your own spirits.

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