Popular Men's Hairstyles of the 20th Century

Have you ever looked back at old photographs and noticed how men's hairstyles have changed over time? From slicked-back hair to wild curls, the 20th century saw a wide variety of trendy hairstyles for men. Let's delve into the popular men's hairstyles of the last century and explore the trends that shaped them.

The 1920s: The Rise of the Slicked-Back Hairstyle

In the roaring 1920s, men's fashion underwent a revolution, and hairstyles were no exception. The most iconic hairstyle of this era was the slicked-back look. Popularized by Hollywood heartthrobs like Rudolph Valentino and Clark Gable, this hairstyle involved combing the hair back with pomade or grease to achieve a sleek and polished appearance. The slicked-back hairstyle exuded sophistication and charm, making it a favorite among stylish gentlemen of the time. It perfectly complemented the tailored suits and fedora hats that were all the rage during the Jazz Age.

The 1950s: The Cool and Classic Pompadour

The 1950s brought about a new era of rock 'n' roll rebellion, and with it, came the rise of the pompadour hairstyle. Made famous by icons like Elvis Presley and James Dean, the pompadour was the epitome of coolness and swagger. This hairstyle featured short sides and back with a voluminous mound of hair swept upwards and back from the forehead. Achieving the perfect pompadour required a generous amount of hair gel or pomade and meticulous styling. The pompadour became a symbol of youthful rebellion and masculine confidence, capturing the spirit of the post-war era.

The 1970s: Embracing Natural Curls with the Afro

In the 1970s, a cultural revolution swept through society, and hairstyles reflected the changing times. One of the most significant hair trends of this era was the afro. Inspired by the Black Power movement and a celebration of African-American heritage, the afro hairstyle embraced natural curls and texture. Men grew their hair out into large, rounded shapes, creating a bold and distinctive look. The afro symbolized pride, identity, and defiance against societal norms. It was more than just a hairstyle; it was a statement of empowerment and liberation.

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