Five beard styles for 2022

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Beards have been around for what seems like forever. Although you might be under the impression that no new styles are possible, think again. Every year there are a number of different beard styles that become popular, and we've picked out the five most popular ones for next year. Check them out to see if any work with your facial structure!

Van Dyke

The Van Dyke is a beard style named after the painter, Anthony van Dyck. It's characterized by a goatee that's shaped in the form of a pointed goatee and leaves the chin clean-shaven. The moustache and beard are usually of equal length but can be adjusted to suit your preference. Trim it to a point!

Corporate beard

A corporate beard is a short beard that doesn't go past the jawline. It can be clean-shaven, with no moustache or sideburns and no stubble on the cheeks or chin. Some men also prefer to shave off their beards altogether in this style, but it's usually best to keep them around for some definition around your mouth area.

Stubble beard

The stubble beard is a short beard that’s grown for a short period of time. The stubble is usually between two to five days of growth and can be kept in place with the use of beard oil, wax or balm. It’s a very popular style because it looks good on all face shapes but especially works well with round faces as it helps to balance out the shape by adding some length and width.

You can grow your stubble at any length you want – from just under an inch all the way up to three inches long – but many men choose somewhere between one to two inches (3-5cm).

Balbo beard

If you like the idea of a goatee but you’re not ready to commit to growing out your facial hair, then consider the Balbo beard. It's an easy way to get some stubble without having to let all your facial hair grow out completely. The key is that it's not quite a full-length moustache, but also not even close to being as long as a goatee.

Balbo beards are suitable for all face shapes and should be kept relatively short (around 1 inch). If you want it even shorter than that, feel free to trim it down with scissors or clippers every few days until it reaches the desired length.

Circle beard

A circle beard is a full, bushy beard that has been allowed to grow out. It can be trimmed and shaped into different styles, but the overall shape is circular.

This style is popular with hipsters and other men who want to look like they're returning to their more natural roots. The shape also lends itself well to beards that incorporate mutton chops or sideburns, which will make you look like you were born in the 1950s even though you weren't even born until 2032.

It's important to note that this style should not be combined with a handlebar mustache unless you are prepared for your appearance to be compared by critics on social media outlets such as Instagram and Twitter as being too "trendy."

These are the popular beard styles for next year.

If you’re thinking of growing a beard for the first time or just want to try something new with your current one, check out these popular beard styles. These are the ones that are going to be big in 2023.

  • Van Dyke (or Vandy) – The Van Dyke is a must-have for any man with facial hair. It's clean and classy and gives you an air of sophistication without being too fussy.

  • Corporate Beard – This is the type of beard that most men will grow if they have no idea how to grow one at all; it's easy enough to maintain while still looking professional enough on a daily basis. If you're looking for something simple but stylish and professional, this is where you should start!

  • Stubble Beard – A stubble beard looks good on almost anyone—it adds some texture as well as length without being too long or wild-looking like some other styles can get away with being (like full beards). You'll also find that many women prefer stubble over full-on beards because it doesn't feel quite as rough against their skin during kissing or other intimate activities such as cuddling after sexing up their partners with oral skills previously unknown even existed until now! In short: stubble = good times ahead!


It’s time to start thinking about the best beard styles for next year. We’ve made a list of 5 that are sure to be popular in 2022. Please note, that these are the most popular beard styles for men over 50, but we think anyone can wear them!