Win the Secret Santa with these special gifts


Secret Santa is one of our favorite holiday traditions. It's a fun way to get everyone in your life involved, and it keeps the focus on giving instead of receiving. The tradition has been around for decades, but people still haven't run out of ideas for great Secret Santa gifts—especially if you're short on funds! We've rounded up our favorite affordable options under $50, so that no matter what your budget looks like you can find something special to share with everyone on your list this year.

What is Secret Santa?

Secret Santa is a Christmas tradition that is popular in Australia, the UK and Canada. It's a random gift exchange where participants are assigned a person to buy a gift for—usually one they don't know very well. Participants usually exchange gifts at work or during office parties over the holidays. The presents are typically wrapped and hidden from their recipients so that no one knows who gave them what.

The goal of this type of game is to give someone a gift without knowing who they're getting it from, but there are many ways to play: You can wrap each present with only your name on the tag; leave all the tags blank; attach your name tag somewhere obvious on your gift; or hide it somewhere inside (or outside) the box.

Gifts under $15

The secret Santa gift exchange is a fun holiday tradition, but it can be hard to come up with great gifts on the cheap. You don’t want to look cheap by getting your co-worker or friend an off-brand gift card or some lame office supplies. Instead, think about what this person likes and find something that shows you care about them. The best way to do this is by looking for gifts under $15 or even less! Here are some ideas:

  • A mug – What could be better than sipping your favorite beverage from a cute mug every day? For just $10, you can purchase one with their initial printed on it for maximum personalization! And if you want them something even more personal, try out these ones shaped like cats and dogs (they only cost $6). Or maybe they like drinking wine? Well then get them this adorable bottle opener ($5) that doubles as an elegant keychain so they won’t lose it when they leave the house!

  • Candy – If anything says “I love and appreciate our friendship” better than anything else in existence, it's candy. By giving someone a box of chocolates or other sweet treats—like these delicious candy hearts—you'll show them how much they mean to you without breaking the bank (or gaining weight). At only $10 per pound, these colorful carbs will surely bring joy into your loved one's life all year long...and probably yours too!

Gifts under $20

We think the best gifts are the ones that make someone feel special, and that's why it's important to find the right one for your Secret Santa recipient. After all, you want your gift to be meaningful and memorable—not something they'll forget about after a few years.

To help you find an appropriate present (and save some money) we've rounded up seven great options that won't break the bank—all under $20!

Gifts under $30

  • Gifts under $30. Whether you want to buy for a little one or an adult, it's hard to beat the price of these gifts.

  • Unique gifts. The best gifts are those that are affordable but still special—and you can find a range of affordable choices at this price point.

  • Fun and memorable presents that will delight your recipient. It's also important to consider how memorable each gift will be—it should be something they'll remember fondly!

Gifts under $50

This list is full of gift ideas that are both affordable and memorable. You'll have a blast finding just the right present for your Secret Santa recipient, and they're sure to love it!

  • Personalized wine glasses ($40)

  • A mini margarita machine ($40)

  • A cheese board with a personalized cutting board ($45)

  • An elegant martini glass set ($50)


Remember, the best Secret Santa gifts are ones that people will enjoy and be able to use over time. Choose one or two of these ideas and you’ll be sure to win the game in no time!

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