The Ten Best Beard Styles for 2020

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The best beard style has undoubtedly been debated for millennia, ever since our competitive neanderthal ancestors discovered tools. For a long time in between now and then, clean-shaven was the way to go for men, blasphemy we know! Nonetheless, it’s certainly no secret that facial hair has once again become the flavour of the decade, both past and future. Beards are incredibly versatile, and they have the power to change how you look completely. 

There are hundreds of styles to choose from, and not every man has the capability to grow each one. Finding the best beard style for you is a blend of discovering your aesthetic preferences, being realistic about what you can achieve and being smart about what styles suit your unique face and head shape. Whether you are a newbie beard grower or a legendary facial hair grandmaster, we have put together the ten best beard styles to dominate the rest of 2020 and ensure you feel amazing about your look. We’ve broken them down into short and long styles, so it’s easy to identify which ones are right for you. 

Short Beards

Style #1: Classic stubble

Classic stubble

Classic stubble is a staple in any man’s beard repertoire. As the shortest beard possible, almost every man can rock this style. It’s a people pleaser, having timeless appeal and unlikely ever to offend anyone. There are different variations of the classic stubble look, with a fresh morning-shaved face turning into the 5 o’clock shadow by late afternoon and a few days of growth classifying as heavy stubble. Whatever type you choose to show off, know it will be appreciated by (almost) everyone and is especially appropriate for professional occasions. 

Style #2: Messy Beard

Messy Beard

A messy beard is a stubble that’s had more than a week of growth. It’s longer, rougher and more dishevelled, as the name implies. Although it’s a bit longer, it’s supposed to look ragged. If your hair’s growth is patchy, uneven or extremely thick - you can still pull off this style. As the messy beard gets longer, make sure to trim your neck, we wouldn’t want it to get to out of hand!

Style #3: Boxed beard

Boxed beard

A short boxed beard is where we start getting a bit more hands-on. To create a boxed beard, you’ll need to angle the hair on the jaw into longer length on the chin. Your beard will need to grow for at least a month to achieve the necessary base to create this style. Use a beard trimmer to complete the look - start with the most extended setting on your chin, tapering the length up to your sideburns.

Style #4: The Verdi

The Verdi

This beard is named after the distinguished classical music composer, Guiseppe Verdi. This signature look is made up of a handlebar moustache and a rounded beard, up to four inches long. To nail this look, you’ll need at least four months of growth and maybe even longer for your handlebar to shine through in its full glory. Styling is essential when it comes to the Verdi, so make sure you have all the necessary beard tools in hand. 

Style #5: Corona beard

Corona beard

That’s right, COVID-19 has even influenced our bead styles. With work environments moving away from the office, more men are choosing to let their facial hair grow relatively unchecked. The corona beard is characterised by its natural, rough vibe. All you need to do is let it grow and don’t mess with it. Don’t trim or shape it in any way. After a few months, you’ll nail your own unique version of the caveman look.

Long Beards

Style #6: Spade beard

When it comes to longer beards, styling becomes increasingly important. When your facial hair reaches at least 15 cm it’s possible to start getting really creative. An increasingly popular style is the spade-shaped beard. Flatten the bottom of your beard to form a spade shape - it’s that straightforward. This can be tough to get right though, consider getting your barber to do this for you.

Style #7: The Yeard

Yard Beard

The yeard is a modern term for a classic - a beard that’s been growing for a year (or longer). Instead of just letting things go, the yeard is a purposeful growth. You’ll want to trim, shape and straighten it with a premium beard straightener along the way to keep it healthy. Get started today for a worthy yeards in 2021.

Style #8: Curly hair with your beard

Spade beard

Curls and waves work amazingly well with beards as the different textures work together to bring out the best in each other. Curly hair is making a resurgence in 2020, so don’t be afraid to grow out those luscious locks. For an even better look, use a hair product with some shine to accentuate the contrast. 

Partial Beards

Style #9: Patchy beard

Patchy beard

Patchy beards aren’t the death sentence they used to be! Let’s be totally honest, not all of us can grow a full beards - and fellas, that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with a patchy beard when it tailored to your face. Grow the parts you can and keep the patchy areas, such as your cheeks, short. Experiment and figure out what works for you!

Style #10: The Beardstache

The Beardstache

Moustaches themselves are not that hot in 2020. What is though? The Beardstache. This style takes a traditional moustache and adds some stubble for some extra character. If you love a good moustache, this is the style to go for.

We hope you got some inspiration from this list. To nail these beard styles you’ll need the right tools for the job. A beard straightener is one of the pro’s secret tools and now you can get it too. Purchase your beard’s new best friends today and start living the bearded life you deserve. Don’t like any of our products for any reason? Send it back for a full refund, and we’ll even pay for the return. Back your best look with Beard Guru.