The best 10 belts for men in Australia


Leather belts are a great accessory for men. They can be used to hold up your pants or just to add some style and personality to your outfit. A good quality leather belt can last you a lifetime, so it's important that you consider the type of leather that will work best for your needs. The following list of 10 best leather belts will help you choose one that is perfect for you!

Best men's belt overall

The best men's belt overall is a genuine leather single layer belt.

Leather belts are durable, stylish, comfortable and versatile. They are also the most fashionable and are perfect for casual wear. In addition to this, you can count on them to last you years due to their durability and sturdiness which makes it an ideal choice for daily use or even special occasions such as weddings and parties. The fact that they look better with age only adds to their appeal!

The ones featured here are made from top quality cowhide leather so don't worry about them wearing out too quickly especially when compared with other materials such as nylon or polyester which tend to show signs of wear much faster than genuine leather does due its natural properties."

Best men's belt Suitable for Jeans

A good belt can really upgrade your jeans, but if you’re going to invest in one, it should be a classic style that won’t go out of style. For example, the best men's belts are made of leather and are plain with just some subtle detailing—no crazy hardware or bright colors.

You might think that a suit and tie makes for a natural pairing with leather shoes and belt—and you wouldn’t be wrong! But there are other ways to wear them too: try throwing on some sneakers for casual weekends or dress up an Oxford shirt with a blazer for work.

Best men's belt Suitable for Formal Wear

If you're looking for a belt that's suitable for formal wear, leather belts are a great choice. They can be worn with suits and chinos and also with jeans or shorts.

Best men's belt with a smooth finish

Smooth finish is the most common style of belt and it is available in a variety of widths, colours and styles. A smooth finish belt will give your outfit an instantly dressier look than other types of belts.

Smooth finish belts are more expensive than other finishes because they take longer to produce – as such, you may find them to be more durable than other styles due to this extra attention paid during production. They can be worn with jeans but also work well with chinos or casual pants such as khakis or corduroys when paired with a shirt or blazer respectively.

Best men's belt with automatic release

  • Automatic release: This is the most common type of belt, and it uses an easy-to-press button to make the buckle come undone. If you’re looking for a standard belt with no bells or whistles, this is your best bet.
  • Buckle with push button release: This type of belt has a similar design to the automatic release, but instead of pushing a single button to undo it, there are two buttons on either side of the buckle that must be pressed simultaneously to open up. This makes it slightly more difficult than its counterpart while still being practical enough for everyday wear.
  • Hidden release: In order to give you more flexibility in how tight or loose your pants fit (not too tight!), many belts have hidden releases embedded into their buckles so that when they’re not being used they look nice and flat against your clothing instead of protruding outwards like other types do when fully extended around your waist or hips (depending on which type). These types include magnetic closures as well as ones where there are hidden buttons inside the openings where one usually sees only leather straps making contact with one another through holes drilled into each end so nothing else can ever be seen unless specifically looked for by someone who knows exactly what kinds exist within this category—which means no one else will know unless told beforehand!

Best men's Reversible belt

  • Two belts in one. This belt is reversible, so you can wear it on either side. It's also a double-layer belt, which means this thing is sturdy enough to walk through the streets of New York City without any fear of breaking.
  • Dressy or casual. Whether you're going out on a date or hanging with your friends at a barbeque, this belt will be able to keep up with whatever outfit you throw together because its versatility makes it appropriate for virtually any occasion and style (casual jeans, dress slacks).
  • Left or right? This belt has two straps that allow you to wear it on either side—so whether you're left-handed or right-handed doesn't matter!

Best men's belt with a matching wallet

If you're looking for a new belt, but don't want to buy one without its matching wallet, there are plenty of options out there for you. Many belts come with matching wallets, but you can also purchase the two separately.

Some wallets are sold in different colors than those of their belts. The leather or leather look-alike material is often embossed with some kind of design; either plain or decorated! To top it all off, some men's wallets have clips that attach easily to your belt loop so they don't fall down when they're not in use (though this isn't a feature available on all types).

Best nylon-style toothless work belt

Best nylon-style toothless work belt

This belt is made from heavy duty, durable nylon webbing. It has a square buckle that's held on by a metal pin, plus a leather keeper that allows you to slide the end of your belt out of it when necessary.

The best thing about this belt is that it's designed to hold up against heavy use and abuse. If you work in an environment where things can get rough (mechanics, construction workers), this is the right choice for you. But even if your job doesn't involve physical labor all day long, there's still plenty of reasons why this would be an excellent choice:

  • You're looking for a casual look
  • Hunting and fishing are some fun hobbies you enjoy doing with friends or family members
  • Hiking/camping adventures with your significant other are something both of you look forward too

Best leather work and casual belt

For men who want to be stylish and functional, opt for a leather work and casual belt. This belt can work wonders with your wardrobe, whether you’re wearing it with jeans or pants at the office or pairing it with a suit or tuxedo at night. It’s versatile enough to go with any look, which is why this type of belt is one of the most popular on our list.

A good quality leather belt can last you a lifetime.

While other materials, such as polyester and polyurethane, are cheaper to manufacture and therefore more affordable for consumers, they simply don't hold up over time. A good quality leather belt can last you a lifetime.

They're also the best value for money—a single material will give you a multitude of uses. For example, if you have to get married soon and your wife will be wearing white (which any self-respecting groom would know is a no-no), then getting yourself some cheap polyester pants will just make it look like someone's spilled a bucket of paint on her dress! Instead go for leather pants instead so all eyes are on her instead!


If you are looking for a new belt, I hope this guide has helped you decide on which one is best for you. There are so many options out there and it can be hard to know where to start. We have listed some of the best men’s belts in Australia that we believe will suit any style or occasion.

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