Beard Straighteners: Five Common Questions Answered

Lots of things can happen when you start to grow out your beard. It will get long, a bit messy and perhaps, after a while, out of control. Whether it’s the whole beard or just a small area you want to tame, there is a solution. That solution is a quality beard straightener

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Not all beard straighteners are created equal, however. Even if you have a quality product on your hands, there are many questions that arise when it comes to using a beard straightener. Hair straightening brushes are, of course, not new, although they’ve traditionally been used for head hair grooming. The heated beard brush has become a staple of the most stylish men coming into 2021. Here we answer five of the most common beard straightener-related questions.

Is heat bad for your beard’s hair?

Heat might seem to be intuitively bad for your hair. After all, you are heating it up extensively - if the heat would burn your fingers, it might burn your hair, right? Not necessarily. Fortunately, for our purposes of straightening our beard hair, we only need to use temperatures around 185 degrees celsius. According to this study, anything above this starts to get damaging for your hair. 

So common sense tells us to check whether your beard straightener sticks to below this heat level. Another fascinating insight is that blow-drying your hair (with a hairdryer) at a temperature of 95 degrees celsius actually caused less hair damage than natural air-dried hair. The takeaway is that heat is not necessarily bad at all as long as you use your beard straightener responsibly.

What types of beard straighteners are there?

There are two main types of beard straighteners on the market - hair drying brushes and heated thermal brushes. You could technically also use a flat iron, but we’d recommend against it. There’s no reason to risk a burn when you can use a quality beard straightener designed for your beard.

Hair drying brushes are very similar to a blowdryer in that they generate hot air, blow it through the bristles, just like a diffuser attachment would on your dryer. The brushes are usually round, although you can find flat paddle brushes out there too.

Alternatively, heated brushes use an internally heated plate to heat up the brush and bristles themselves. When you’re researching your beard straightener, keep an eye out for these terms as well:

  • Tourmaline. A gemstone used to produce negative ions that speed up your straightener’s drying time - if you see this word, awesome.
  • Ceramic or porcelain. The material used to produce even, consistent heating. Don’t settle for less than ceramic or porcelain.
  • Ionic. Water contains charged ions; ionic dryers use negatively charged ions to repel water. Faster drying means straighter hair!

How do I use a beard straightener?

Using a seven-step approach sets you up for the perfectly straightened beard. It works for both types of beard straighteners so let’s take a look:

  1. Remove water from your beard. Rub it with a towel or run a quick hairdryer over it. We want it as dry as possible!
  1. Apply and beard oil or balm you use regularly and use a beard comb to fluff out your beard and remove any tangles you might have.
  1. Apply heat protection. You shouldn’t have any issues, but it pays off to be careful. Heat protection oils or sprays are designed to remove any chance of damage.
  1. Turn on your straightener and select the appropriate setting if yours has an option to do so. Let it reach the right temperature before continuing.
  1. Start brushing from the cheeks. Brush downwards with smooth, short motions. Keep the brush moving at all times, and don’t leave it sitting in any one spot. Experiment with what techniques work for your beard.
  1. Brush your beard chin straight down, and then work the brush down through the neck. 
  1. Use your beard comb again to comb everything into their final resting places. This allows the beard to ‘set’ and learn the correct position over time.

Can I use a hairdryer instead?

Short answer yes, long answer, no. Try setting your hairdryer to its highest temperature. Use a brush or comb to shape your beard as you dry it. This will work, but it won’t last. Remember, hairdryers only heat up to about 95 degrees celsius. It’s a workaround but not a replacement for a good quality beard straightener.

Would a beard straightener replace my other beard products?

A solid beard straightener will quicken up your grooming process materially, helping you achieve the beard you really want. While it’s a tool in your more comprehensive arsenal, it’s not a replacement for your other combs, brushes and oils. Of course, it depends on your beard and your personal routine preferences. So do what works for you!

Being able to straighten your beard is a fantastic ability to hold. There’s no method of beard straightening better than a beard straightener. Make sure to experiment with techniques that work best for you and the style you are after. Embrace the beard you have while using a beard straightener to maximise your style.

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